Toxicity : What we should Talk more about

You being parent how are you parenting your child, is it the only communication you have with your child is about you have the right on them to restrictions and dump things on them based on your expectations ?

Sounds similar or have you heard about it for a while now as the pandemic began!

  1. Hear them out ! Listen to them , need not be that you always have to agree with , but just let them feel heard ,this is extremely important .
  2. Build trust and don’t always overlook what they are trying to show or say, there will come a time they will eventually stop telling you anything at all.Then you must not complain. Harsh right ! But you made it happen unfortunately !
  3. As a kid grows up and are gradually grown up adults let them have some privacy , don’t always stick to them like leech , of course you need to look over them to be aware of their where about. But providing a little ‘me’ time is always healthy.
  4. Don’t overreact to their decision or thought or don’t always see poorly at their work and creativity, it discourages them !The truth is they will become one who is always going to try to prove themselves to you and will never realise their true worth. As time pass by it will turn into a habit and they will start having and seeing patterns in their surroundings and will try to impress other or may be they will lack in self love. What I’m trying to say here is ,It might not be an excellent piece but what did you know when you were a kid right? Not every kid is fast and furious , some takes time so be their motivation and support.
  5. In a family to have harmony don’t ever fight in front of your children.Whatever a child see , they imitate and learn the same.
  6. Have understanding within the family, have vacation, spend time with them, let them know that they are important no matter how busy you are ,find or make family time.
  7. And please, try to maintain peace at home! One comes to home so they can relax , if they have to go through drama , chaos , misunderstandings, blame games every next day, these kids grow up with anxiety and stress issue which they never talk about.

Love mৎ



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